Aaron Garcia

Computer literacy Assistant


I was introduced to computers at a very young age — my first day of Kindergarten. Sitting in front of a Macintosh Performa I decided that “I want[ed] to be the best at computers.” Of course, I would set a goal like that as a five-year-old!

While using a computer is not a competition, I practiced with them just about as much as Rodney Mullen did with skateboarding. There were points in my young life where I stayed up 24 and even 48 hours editing video, often skipping meals because I was just so excited about what I was working on.

In the Summer of 2011, I would wake up each morning and go to bed late tinkering with WordPress and iPage. My friends, Paul and Charles made it their mission to break me away from my computer screen; we would hang out, go eat and spend the day at SeaWorld. But as soon as I was back home, you guessed it, I was back on my computer.

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last 20 years with technology. I am now able to share that knowledge with you.

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